GENEVE presents Roberto Coin, the Venetian jeweller

roberto coin

Roberto Coin was established in 1996 and bears the same name as its founder. The brand’s creator is passionate about art and fashion. After his career in the hotel industry, he decided to pursue his dream. Today his creations are world renowned. Let’s take a closer look at his history and passion for jewellery.

Italy as a main source of inspiration 

Roberto Coin is a well-travelled man who draws his inspiration from nature, people, architecture, art and food. His creations testify to it. However, what inspires him most of all is undoubtedly his native country, Italy, and more specifically the wonderful city of Verona. It was the tragic love story between Romeo and Juliet that first captivated Roberto Coin, then the history of the city.

The floral motif at the heart of the Love in Verona collection

If you are familiar with the Love in Verona collection, you already know that it features a floral motif. But why? Roberto Coin goes back to medieval times, to the time of Romeo and Juliet, and imagines the hills of Verona full of blossoming flowers. Flowers were widely present during the Renaissance, a symbol of romanticism and love. For Roberto Coin, the flower motif is the essence itself of perfect love, the love that we all dream about.

The future of Roberto Coin jewellery 

All of the brand’s creations are designed to last a long time, both because of their quality and because of their timeless design. Roberto Coin seeks to maintain a meticulous process to preserve the brand’s identity and uniqueness. The company is also committed to ensuring transparency in terms of all the raw materials used. The origin of the materials must be exclusively conflict-free and from socially and environmentally ethical sources.

One this is certain, the Venetian jeweller Roberto Coin will continue to make us dream.

Visit us at our shop to discover the beautiful creations by Roberto Coin.

Geneve siempre contigo

A lo largo de los años hemos estado siempre con vosotros y ahora es tiempo de seguir adelante, para continuar ofreciendo el mejor de los servicios

La dedicación a la creación y venta de joyas viene de una herencia familiar que ya lleva tres generaciones, donde se nos ha enseñado desde pequeños el gran valor que tiene Geneve Company.

Nuestras ansias por la realización de piezas de calidad nos dan ganas de seguir adelante para seguir ofreciendo lo mejor que sabemos hacer desde 1989, que fue el año cuando empezó este maravilloso sueño.

Son más de 30 años de atención en los detalles los que han forjado la familia Geneve

Vosotros habéis podido visitar y disfrutar de las diversas boutiques que tenemos en Gran Canaria, como las del Boulevard del Faro, Mogán, Oasis, y Varadero, donde siempre han encontrado nuestra casa con las puertas abiertas y con la mejor de las sonrisas de nuestros expertos en alta relojería y joyería.

Con el tiempo hemos aprendido a que el cambio forma parte de la vida, y por ello nos aventuramos en cambiar para mejorar día a día. Ahora nos complace anunciar que nuestros puntos de venta se están ampliando y habrá muy pronto una nueva boutique donde también se podrán encontrar las grandes marcas de casas relojeras y joyeras con la que hemos venido trabajando.

Esta nueva apertura se hará por nuestros clientes, para seguir ofreciendo un servicio de alta calidad. Estamos emocionados de poder asesorarle personalmente en nuestra nueva boutique de Triana y formar parte de momentos memorables de vuestras vidas.

Pero antes de conocer la nueva boutique de Geneve os hacemos una pregunta, ¿A cuántas de nuestras tiendas habéis ido ya? ¿Cuál es vuestra favorita? Esperamos vuestras respuestas mientras preparamos la apertura de la nueva tienda de Triana en Las Palmas.

Chopard moves towards a sustainable world

In 2013, the manufacturer embarked on a journey toward sustainable luxury and has not stopped since

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The worlds of jewellery and watches will always be connected to mining, allowing jewellery- and watchmakers to obtain different materials and stones to create pieces.

Mining is an activity that has been conducted since ancient times and in which people are forced to work in precarious conditions. It is also harmful in terms of deforestation, water pollution and alteration, destruction of habitats, and much more.

Traditional placer mining

At Geneve Company, we are working to make sustainability part of our brand, and we help to provide information so that concerned customers can understand more about the jewellery we sell at our shops.

Fine watch and jewellery brands are gradually realising that this issue is of utmost importance, which is why they have decided to make major changes with regard to the materials they use to create their products.

Chopard is one of the top manufacturers that began moving toward sustainability many years ago by seeking out ways to protect and preserve the Earth and by helping the people involved in obtaining the raw materials it uses for its products, all in the context of its Journey to Sustainable Luxury project.

Fairmined gold

Chopard and its ethical gold

Chopard uses gold as a raw material in most of its pieces, and it strives to ensure that the gold it uses in its project is mined in a fully responsible way for its entire production. The gold in these pieces is Fairmined gold, meaning that it is certified as coming from artisanal and small-scale mines.

Fairmined is committed to making artisanal mining a responsible activity and represents an opportunity for development for artisanal and small-scale miners throughout the world.

As a result, Chopard is able to responsibly obtain 100% ethical gold complying with the best environmental practices while helping everyone who is involved in its supply chain.  

At Geneve, we are pleased to work directly with brands like Chopard that have a mission and vision that are exceptionally valuable for our planet and involve the world of jewellery. We are always happy to provide customers with all the information they need to understand more about the jewellery we distribute.

They are ambassadors

Women have proven time and time again that they are unique and unparalleled and can achieve whatever they set their minds to. At Geneve, we are proud of all women who day after day fight for a better world and of every heroine who works anonymously to achieve her dreams.

Today we want to put the spotlight on great women who, through their achievements, have managed to rise to the top of their discipline and bring attention to major watch and jewellery brands along the way.

We present some of the most iconic ambassadors who, through their profession, fight to make the world a better place.

TAG Heuer Ambassador Naomi Osaka

Osaka won the Australian Open 2021

The 23-year-old tennis player has become a TAG Heuer ambassador thanks to her talent, style and influence, characteristics that make her a unique star.

The Japanese woman is not only an extraordinary tennis player; she is also a social activist that wants to make the world better

She has been unstoppable since joining the professional circuit of the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) in 2013, having become one of the most explosive and influential tennis players in the world. Osaka was the first Asian woman to hold the top ranking in individuals and the first female Japanese player to win a Grand Slam, the 2018 US Open. She is currently ranked world no. 2 after winning the Australian Open 2021.

Arina and Dina Averina with Longines

The gymnasts at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship

The Longines Ambassadors of Elegance in rhythmic gymnastics are the sisters Arina and Dina Averina, two Russian gymnasts who appeared at their first World Cup competition in 2014. These talented and elegant young athletes perfectly embody Longines’ “Elegance is an attitude” motto.

Dina and Arina Averina, delivered incredible performances at the 2019 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships, for which Longines served as the Official Partner and Official Timekeeper. The Russian twin sisters nearly managed a full sweep at Baku’s Gymnastics Arena with seven medals, including four gold. It goes to show once again that age is not important when it comes to representing a major haute horlogerie brand, and these two show it in their sport, representing the youngest women.

Pomellato For Woman

The Italian jewellery brand is on a par, and in March, it launched a podcast to commemorate International Women’s Day, in which Jameela Jamil talks to actress, writer and activist Jane Fonda about climate change, among many other struggles. There is no better person to voice the needs of women today, given that Fonda has devoted much of her life to an array of struggles and now projects her voice through Pomellato For Woman, tackling issues like gender inequality, women’s vulnerability, courage and resilience.

Jane Fonda is a Hollywood icon with more than 50 films under her belt, in addition to the winner of two Academy Awards. A matchless fighter in every realm of her life who reminds us today that we are still working towards equality.

This initiative helps to expand the voice of women, enabling them to continue working for a better world. Geneve makes its voice heard in this ongoing struggle so that we have equality in this world and there is no type of vulnerability for women. We are here for them.

Recarlo, eternally beautiful jewellery

Women and diamonds are what inspire Recarlo, expressing a love of women and of couples in each of its pieces

Diamonds and women have always gone together, with the latter being the best inspiration we can have. As a jeweller, we love creating pieces for women, feeling that our items will be a special part of your life and that of your family, because a diamond is forever.

One of the brands you will find at Geneve is Recarlo. They share with us a powerful vision, that of the purposeful creation of fine jewellery that at the same time makes women shine with elegance.

The relationship between romanticism and eternal love represented by a diamond is one of the Italian brand’s hallmarks. Recarlo works harmoniously and meticulously to create unique and distinctive jewellery, enhancing light through a diamond’s sparkle, and alongside expert gemmologists to obtain stones from Russian mines according to the highest quality standards.

Heart-shaped cuts have become one of the brand’s icons through its beautiful pieces devoted to couples

Recarlo was founded by an Italian family in 1967. The brand redesigned its image in 2015, staying true to its history, highlighting Italian craftsmanship and developing ambitious goals with values and images to inspire a new creative process.

Recarlo’s white gold and diamond jewellery collections are designed to celebrate all of life’s emotions

In 2020, it reached an important milestone when it obtained the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certificate, thus advancing significantly on its path to sustainable growth. This consolidates both its own reputation and that of its suppliers and customers, strengthening its vision from an ethical, social and environmental standpoint and reiterating its respect for human rights, from extraction of the raw material to sale of the final product.

As a jeweller, we are pleased to work with a highly renowned brand that upholds admirable unique values. We therefore offer the best of this jewellery brand at our shops and invite you to see the latest collection called Anniversary Love, which speaks to the heart through the heart.

Brands prioritise the use of water

Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, and it is estimated that some 70% of freshwater is used for agriculture. According to the FAO, one in five developing countries is expected to have water scarcity problems by 2030, which is why it is so important for us to become aware of the situation and start acting.

At Geneve Company, we support all brands that do their part in the area of sustainability. As a result, we want to give them the visibility they need to spread the word about the good work they do for our planet. Any help now is needed, and we must all realise what we have done to the Earth so that we can somehow remedy this wrong.

Industry currently consumes 20% of water, using it in refrigeration and transport and as a solvent in a wide variety of industrial processes. This liquid is essential for the origin and survival of the vast majority of life forms on our planet. Rivers are a crucial part of society – they help us irrigate crops and provide us with drinking water and an array of foods that humans need.

One of the watch brands that addresses this challenge with rivers is Oris. The watch manufacturer is continuing its mission to bring about Change for the Better through a partnership with Seoul KFEM, a member of the Korea Federation for Environmental Movements. The mission at Oris is to help clean, protect and restore the world’s water, the source of life. To do so, it launched the Oris Hangang Limited Edition.

“With every passing year, we grow more passionate about our mission,” says Oris Co-CEO Rolf Studer. “Conserving the world’s water is critical; it’s also possible if we work together. That’s the underlying message behind the Oris Hangang Limited Edition and every piece we create with our partners.»

The Oris Hangang Limited Edition watch supports a project in Seoul to clean up the mighty Hangang River in South Korea

The Hangang Limited Edition is a watch that brings attention to the difficulties facing the Hangang River. It is the second longest and most important river in South Korea, supplying water to Seoul’s 10 million residents. But years of neglect have left it dirty, polluted and in desperate need of restoration.

Rivers account for 2% of the total area of freshwater on the Earth’s surface

The watch is based on the high-performance Oris Aquis and shares the same function and performance profile. It comes with a 43.50 mm stainless steel case with a unidirectional rotating bezel for safely recording dive times.

Sales from the 2,000-piece limited edition watch will help fund the Hangang clean-up project

Based on the Oris Aquis diving watch, this limited edition supports the mission of Seoul KFEM to clean up, protect and restore the Hangang River

The deep green colour on the ceramic bezel and the dial are inspired by creek waters found at the source of the Hangang. The piece is powered by an automatic movement that also drives the watch’s small seconds and circular date window. The case back is engraved with a map of the course of the Hangang across Korea and the limited edition number.

«Menos es más»

Actuar como usuario responsable, favorecernos de ello así como beneficiar a nuestra comunidad y a nuestro planeta.

Esta era es sin duda la era de las emociones. Vivimos una cultura que predica de forma descarada que «mas es mejor», profecía del mismísimo capitalismo. Repetimos una y otra vez el mismo patrón: comprar, usar, desechar y volver a comprar. Todo ello con un único objetivo, alimentar nuestras emociones. Nos sentimos bien con nosotros mismos. Se siente bien la economía, las empresas y los gobiernos. Pero ¿Y la Tierra, cómo se siente?

Las empresas no van a dejar de producir, ni los humanos dejaremos de consumir. Esta conducta pasa su factura medioambiental ¿Cuál puede ser el antídoto? Actuar como usuario responsable. Comprar, usar, reparar y reciclar solamente cuando la vida útil ya no de mas de sí. Cuidar tus bienes como si no existiese la posibilidad de reemplazo. ¿Cómo podemos alargar la vida de nuestros bienes?

Comprar objetos duraderos es sinónimo de calidad, perfección, singularidad y distinción. Estos valores implican un alto valor, algo que una gran mayoría de la población no puede acceder. ¿Y si somos perseverantes, ahorramos y compramos bienes mas duraderos? A largo plazo el coste económico es menor que comprar bienes menos duraderos en repetidas ocasiones.

Reparar es un acto radical. Más radical es aún comprar productos con garantía de reparación, restauración y mantenimiento a largo plazo. Los bienes económicos y poco duraderos apenas vienen con instrucciones de reparaciones o mantenimiento. Quizás sea más sencillo desechar y reemplazar por algo nuevo. La reflexión que te invito a realizar es la siguiente: ¿Quiero comprar económico muchas veces? ¿O quiero comprar sólo una vez, más costoso pero perdurable en el tiempo?

Ambas decisiones son correctas, pero existe un consumidor que beneficia a la cultura del Capitalismo y un consumidor que beneficia a la cultura de «menos es más». Beneficia a la Tierra 🙂

Disfruta sea cual sea tu postura.

Sofía Peñate

Filosofía Geneve

Simpática, cercana, dulce. Se sacude los nervios previos a la entrevista con un par de sonrisas y, ahora sí, me atiende con gran amabilidad. Así es Sofía Peñate Pérez, toda una veterana en la familia Geneve, pues lleva 30 años al servicio de la empresa, de los cuales, 15 los ha pasado entre perfumes, y el resto, bajo el “tic-tac” de los relojes.

¿Por qué relojes?
Me parece un mundo fantástico, que está en constante crecimiento, un lugar donde cada día aprendes algo. Empecé en el mundo de la relojería por trabajo. En un principio me ubicaron en perfumería, posteriormente, la empresa siguió creciendo y me pasaron a relojería… ¡Y yo encantada!

¿Qué tienen de especial?
¿Qué no tienen de especial? (sonríe). Lo que realmente me sorprende de un reloj es la cantidad de trabajo y de detalles que dan vida al mismo y que, por lo general, no vemos. Un trabajo de artesano, laborioso, complejo, pero realmente apasionante. Los maestros relojeros son auténticos virtuosos.

También tienen joyas…
Sí, tenemos un catálogo muy variado en Alta Joyería. Geneve es una compañía muy dinámica, cada temporada traemos novedades y las conjugamos con piezas más clásicas e icónicas.

Si tuviera que elegir joyas o relojes, ¿por qué se decantaría?
Me gusta también mucho el tema de la joyería, pero lo que realmente me fascina son los relojes. Soy muy relojera (risas).

Hablemos de Geneve, ¿Qué significa para usted?
Hombre, para mí Geneve es mi segundo hogar, te lo digo sinceramente. Los últimos 30 años de mi vida los he pasado aquí. Geneve forma parte de mi vida, de mi manera de ser, tengo muchísimos compañeros, lo es todo.

Sofía Peñate, Experta en relojes suizos y joyería en Geneve Company.

Estamos de celebración, Geneve cumple 30 años. ¿Qué es lo que más le ha marcado?
Mmmm (se lo piensa). Me pareció muy bonita la experiencia de ir a Suiza con Breitling. Fue una experiencia maravillosa. Poder ver la parte interna de los relojes, sus mecanismos, cómo fabricaban las correas… La verdad que para mí fue una experiencia muy bonita.
A lo largo de su trayectoria, habrá visto infinidad de relojes. ¿Recuerda alguno con especial mimo?
Sinceramente, soy muy de Omega, me gusta mucho Omega, pero la verdad, si tengo que nombrar alguno en especial… Me fascina mucho el IWC Perpetual Calendar. Aunque me encanta Omega, ¡eh! (lo remarca y ríe).
Explíquenos en qué consiste su actividad.
Un poquito de todo: o me vas a ver haciendo escaparates, o vendiendo, haciendo inventario…
¡Es usted un todoterreno!
Un todoterreno, sí (risas).
¿Algún “truquillo” para tener éxito de cara al cliente?
Para mí el truco que he aprendido en mi vida es la paciencia. El saber escuchar las necesidades del cliente es primordial. Aunque tú quieras vender una pieza, si no se ajusta a las necesidades del cliente, tienes un 80% de posibilidades de fracasar en esa venta. En cambio si escuchas al cliente, sus necesidades, lo que va buscando, tienes muchas más probabilidades de hacer la venta.
2019 y esto no para. ¿Cómo ve el futuro de la compañía?
Nosotros tratamos siempre de transmitir al cliente que nuestro objetivo es satisfacer sus necesidades. Nuestra base es la confianza de nuestros clientes y así llevamos ya 30 años. Hacemos un trabajo serio y responsable, pero con la calidez de una gran familia. ¡No nos cansamos de crecer!
¿Y el mundo de la Alta Relojería y Joyería? Las nuevas generaciones parecen apostar por los smartwaches…
Pienso que la persona a la que le guste verdaderamente la Alta Relojería sabrá transmitir esa pasión a sus descendientes. Los relojes siempre tendrán su generación, tanto los mecánicos como los automáticos. En mi opinión, el smartwatch tendrá una duración efímera.
Para finalizar. ¿Qué balance hace de su experiencia en Geneve?
Positivo. Como le he dicho antes, somos una gran familia. Todos los compañeros llevamos mucho tiempo juntos, nos conocemos, tanto las virtudes como los defectos (risas). Geneve, aparte de ser una gran empresa, es una gran familia.