Chopard moves towards a sustainable world

In 2013, the manufacturer embarked on a journey toward sustainable luxury and has not stopped since

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The worlds of jewellery and watches will always be connected to mining, allowing jewellery- and watchmakers to obtain different materials and stones to create pieces.

Mining is an activity that has been conducted since ancient times and in which people are forced to work in precarious conditions. It is also harmful in terms of deforestation, water pollution and alteration, destruction of habitats, and much more.

Traditional placer mining

At Geneve Company, we are working to make sustainability part of our brand, and we help to provide information so that concerned customers can understand more about the jewellery we sell at our shops.

Fine watch and jewellery brands are gradually realising that this issue is of utmost importance, which is why they have decided to make major changes with regard to the materials they use to create their products.

Chopard is one of the top manufacturers that began moving toward sustainability many years ago by seeking out ways to protect and preserve the Earth and by helping the people involved in obtaining the raw materials it uses for its products, all in the context of its Journey to Sustainable Luxury project.

Fairmined gold

Chopard and its ethical gold

Chopard uses gold as a raw material in most of its pieces, and it strives to ensure that the gold it uses in its project is mined in a fully responsible way for its entire production. The gold in these pieces is Fairmined gold, meaning that it is certified as coming from artisanal and small-scale mines.

Fairmined is committed to making artisanal mining a responsible activity and represents an opportunity for development for artisanal and small-scale miners throughout the world.

As a result, Chopard is able to responsibly obtain 100% ethical gold complying with the best environmental practices while helping everyone who is involved in its supply chain.  

At Geneve, we are pleased to work directly with brands like Chopard that have a mission and vision that are exceptionally valuable for our planet and involve the world of jewellery. We are always happy to provide customers with all the information they need to understand more about the jewellery we distribute.

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