What if diamonds really were your best friend?


Who doesn’t dream about wearing one or more beautiful diamonds? This beloved gemstone has become a jewellery must. In addition to having a pure, unique beauty, diamonds also offer (often unsuspected) benefits. Here is a closer look at this stone whose popularity is well founded!

The benefits of diamonds 

Diamonds are known for detoxifying the body. They can be considered cleansers, purifiers. According to Indian beliefs, diamonds are an excellent remedy for exhaustion. They lead to a long life and, above all, good health.

Diamonds are said to boost the wearer’s confidence and creativity. The stone is able to purify the soul and expand energy. Diamonds also protect against harmful thoughts and negative energy. 

Hence, it goes without saying, diamonds are good for the body and for the soul.

The diamond selection at GENEVE

At GENEVE, we carry a wide array of diamond jewellery. Here is our selection of sparkling pieces.

Annamaria Cammilli Dune Ring

C&C Gioielli Necklace

Chopard Happy Diamonds Earrings

Messika Move Uno Bracelet

GENEVE Earrings Large

Nothing beats the sparkle and elegance of diamonds. We offer a wide range of jewellery creations. Please come visit our shops if you would like any advice. 

A thousand and one shades of pearls


Pearls come in all kinds of sizes and colours. Often perceived as classic, they are making a comeback and looking more modern and radiant than ever. Do you want to know more about this gemstone? Learn more about pearls and discover our selection of jewellery.

How do pearls form?

Pearls are the result of a natural phenomenon. They form inside oysters when a foreign substance slips inside their shell. The oyster then protects itself by covering the intruder with layers of nacre, eventually resulting in a smooth, round, nacre pearl. These highly coveted natural pearls are used by many brands, because the gift of pearl jewellery is a timeless piece that can last a lifetime.

What do pearls symbolise?

The pearl is a gemstone that symbolises elegance, refinement and confidence. Often associated with Venus, the goddess of love, it conveys femininity. It is also the stone that represents 30 years of marriage. This trendy gemstone is an integral part of today’s fashion. 

Our selection of pearl jewellery 

Each pearl is unique, no two are the same, which is why we like to work with them to create extraordinary pieces. 

Annamaria Camilli My Way Pendant


GENEVE Bracelet


GENEVE Earrings


GENEVE Necklace




Jewellery set with pearls is always an excellent idea for a gift or to treat yourself. Please do not hesitate to come directly to our shops to ask for advice.

Jewellery that matches your skin

jewellery skin

Pieces of jewellery are not simply fashion accessories; they reflect the personality of the wearer. From white gold to yellow gold, there are many metals used in the design of jewellery creations. Did you know that some metals suit you better than others? While it is important to follow your tastes and instincts, don’t hesitate to ask your jeweller for advice to help you choose the metal that is best for you. Below are our tips on choosing your jewellery according to your skin undertone as well as a selection of jewellery that may be just right for you.

Know your skin undertone

It is not always obvious which skin undertone you have. The easiest way is to look at your wrist, especially your veins. Do you have blue veins? Then you have a cool skin undertone. Do you have green veins? In this case, your skin undertone is warm. If you are not sure, it’s because you have a neutral skin undertone.

Which metals and stones are best for warm undertones?

Naturally tanned and sun-kissed skin will undoubtedly be enhanced by yellow gold, which will highlight and illuminate the skin. Warm undertones can also opt for rose gold jewellery. As for stones, we advise you favour yellow, orange and green ones. Yellow sapphire, imperial topaz and emerald are your best bets.

Marco Bicego Marrakech Earrings

Messika Move Classique Earrings

Geneve Bracelet

Pomellato Nudo Gelé Ring

Which metals and stones are best for cool undertones?

Cool skin undertones, and thus paler complexions, are enhanced by silver, white gold and platinum. These metals can be paired with red, purple and blue coloured stones such as rubies, amethysts or even blue sapphires for a pure, fresh look.

Geneve necklace 

Fope Prima Bracelet

Recarlo engagement ring

C&C Gioielli necklace

Which metals and stones are best for neutral undertones?

Those with neutral undertones are very lucky, because you can wear anything. Indeed, you can switch from white gold to yellow gold without a second thought and even wear them together if you want. To stay on top of the latest trends, you can have a wide variety of jewellery to create beautiful combinations. 

Our in-store experts will be happy to help you. If you are unsure which model to choose, do not hesitate to seek advice at our shop.

How to choose an engagement ring?

How to choose an engagement ring

At GENEVE, we are here to help you live life’s greatest moments to the fullest. The engagement ring represents a major step, commitment and, most importantly, great love. We can’t convince your beloved to say yes, but we can help you choose the perfect engagement ring. Here are our tips!

Define her tastes

It would be a shame to give her a ring that does not suit her. For this reason, the first thing to do is to determine your future fiancée’s style. Does she like timeless looks or, on the contrary, does she prefer to wear unusual, extravagant clothes? Is she discreet, or does she like to assert her personality? If she usually wears jewellery, make sure to look at it closely. Does she wear yellow or white gold? Is her jewellery classic, bold, colourful? All of the answers to these questions will give you an initial idea about the ring of her dreams!

Which material to choose?

You should choose a colour and material for the ring that she will never want to take off. So, do not hesitate to take a look at her jewellery box to determine which colour she likes best. Is it white, yellow or pink gold? If you are doubting between two colours, we are here to help you choose which will suit her best based on her complexion. Know that white gold is extremely popular for engagement rings, as it is a solid, resistant and precious material.

Which stone to choose? 

After choosing the metal, you will need to select the stone that will adorn the ring. The diamond is the gemstone par excellence. However, you can certainly opt for a blue sapphire, an emerald or a ruby. 

Know her ring size

Another aspect that is as important as the rest: the size of her finger. When you give the ring to your soon-to-be life partner, she will want to put it on immediately. That is why we suggest that you discreetly borrow one of her rings to bring to us, so that we can determine her ring size. In the event that she does not wear jewellery on a daily basis, you will have to be inventive and describe the size of her finger in as much detail as possible.

All you have to do is ask for your dearly beloved’s hand and enjoy this magical moment.

If you need help choosing an engagement ring, please come visit us at one of our GENEVE shops or discover the rings on our website.

FOPE, Italian elegance


FOPE is an Italian jewellery brand that focuses on the comfort, quality and wearability of its creations. At Geneve, we strive to offer you the best! Discover the FOPE pieces that we carry at our shop and online.

More about FOPE

The history of the FOPE brand is deeply rooted in the rich cultural heritage of Vicenza, a city that is known as a monument to art and architecture. It is also one of the three historical centres for jewellery in Italy. The brand’s first workshop was established in the early 20th century. FOPE has always retained its heritage -Italian style-, while giving it a new, more innovative facet to create unique pieces. All of the creations are meticulously crafted, with their colour, cut, design and elements being scrupulously examined. For sustainability reasons, FOPE works every day to improve its processes in order to make jewellery that will last for a very long time.

Geneve Company X Fope

Here is an overview of the some of the FOPE collections that we have at our shops on the Canary Islands.

The Eka collection 

Eka means “one” in Sanskrit. With this collection, FOPE offers a new way of wearing gold bracelets. The pieces are flexible, innovative and luxurious at the same time. The gold mesh has been reworked in a more contemporary design.

The Essentials collection

The essence of this collection is to provide luxury for all. Its timeless design was created to make it easy to wear on a daily basis. The collection’s flexible rings make it a FOPE icon, a must-have for every occasion.

The Panorama collection 

Wear understated luxury with the Panorama collection. This elegant range features a wide chain that will bring sparkle to any look.

The Vendôme collection 

The round shapes of the chain are worked in a more geometric way to make them oval. The flexible jewellery is elegant, comfortable and smooth.

If you have fallen under the spell of this jeweller maker, come admire all of the collections at our shops.

Trendy pieces to adopt this fall

Fall is slowly taking over our daily lives. For most people, it means going back to work and starting a new year. But above all, it is the ideal time to take stock of your wardrobe and wear ultra-trendy looks. To make your outfits even more stylish and complete, it is important to add accessories. Discover Geneve’s favorite pieces for fall 2022.

Our pens

Ballpoint Heritage Rouge et Noir “Baby”

Ballpoint Starwalker Black Cosmos Resin

Fineliner Starwalker Blackcosmos Precious

Our watches for men

You have the perfect suit, but something is missing? In Geneve, we have some very nice new watches.

Breitling Professional Endurance Pro

Longines Hydroconquest

Jaeger-Lecoultre Master Control Date

Our watches for women

And because watches are not only for men, discover our selection for you, the women of today.

Longines Master Collection

Jaeger-Lecoultre Reverso Classique Monoface

Chanel J12 Black Calibre 12.2

Our jewellery

The year 2022 is marked by a real return to the fundamentals of style. That’s why we’ve come up with three timeless pieces of jewellery that can be worn in all circumstances!

Earrings Pomellato Iconica

Bracelet Marco Bicego Jaipur

Geneve chain and pendant necklace

Would you like to buy new jewellery and timepieces? For personal advice, we invite you to visit our Geneve boutiques. See you soon!




Marco Bicego, before creating his own brand, trained under his father’s wings in the brand. It was in 2000 that he launched his own brand, the well known Marco Bicego’s brand. As he kept growing the talent did not go unnoticed in the jewelry world and the brand, Marco Bicego, started to be famous all around the world, particularly in Europe, Middle East, Asia and the US. 

With the headquarters placed in Trissino, where his know-how is expressed every day, Marco Bicego showed proudness of the heritage recived and the Italian tradition.


Like every great mind, Marco Bicego focused his creations in inspirations, in his case the inspiration comes from nature and all the organic forms in order to create his jewelry. 

All the forms created by Marco Bicego are made with noble materials. 

Indeed, The use of 18.carat yellow gold and coloured precious stones is the signature of this amazing jewel maker. Also, each piece is made with great care and handcrafted.


A technique glimpsed and subsequently improved, which was reinvented in order to adapt to the times, has been a key element in the development and creation of original and revolutionary collections such as Goa, Cairo, Masai and Marrakech. All this, 20 years after the fateful moment. 

Marrakech collection: Masterpieces of goldsmith craftsmanship, with modern and refined design.

Goa collection: Timeless design and maximum attention to detail.

Masai collection: Rigorous, clean and elegant style that never ceases to amaze.



18k yellow and white gold, 5.52 gr of weight and 0.15 carats.

18k yellow gold and 4.18 gr of weight.

18k yellow gold, 12,47 gr of weight, 0.03 carats and a size of 17 cm.

Marco Bicego is one of the big jewelry brands in our society and time, fine pieces inspired in nature and perfectly matchable with everything you could wear, could be for casual meetings or the most elegant events to assist. 

Marco Bicego is never going to let you down.

Discover more on our website.



El amor, ese sentimiento que hace que todo el cuerpo se estremezca, en muchas ocasiones es un sentimiento inefable. Cuando nos declaramos a aquella persona que amamos el anillo no es más que una muestra de la llama de esta gran pasión. El anillo significa el compromiso al que las dos personas se comprometen a mantener entre ellas. Para la correcta selección de este gran detalle vamos a ayudaros con algunos tips para que acertéis.


Cuando te declaras a una persona ya la conoces, entonces conocer los gustos será tarea sencilla, pero es algo muy importante a tener en cuenta. Pensad, dadle vueltas y sobre todo acertar con la elección. Los colores, la piedra, la forma, todo esto son detalles indispensables a la hora de seleccionar una joya. ¿Le gusta lo extravagante o lo discreto? ¿Qué haya colores o un simple color plata? ¿Algo más atemporal o que sea la última moda? Estas son algunas preguntas básicas que os debéis hacer a la hora de escoger anillo de pedida.


Una información que requiere de gran habilidad para que la susodicha o susodicho no sea capaz de adivinar nuestras intenciones. Saber la talla os permitirá conseguir el anillo perfecto, sin necesidad de pasar por una joyería para agrandar o estrechar. Si por casualidad vuestra pareja no le gustase llevar joyas, deberéis hacer hincapié en vuestra creatividad para adivinarla, ya sea disimuladamente en stand de joyas o dando el máximo de detalles posibles al joyero.


En la mayoría de casos el oro blanco es el material más preciado para la selección de un anillo de pedida. Pero, existen más metales para este tipo de anillo. Existen diferentes tipos de oro, el rosa, el amarillo y el blanco. Para la correcta elección del color debemos tener en cuenta el tono de piel de su pareja, para que así el brillo de este sea recalcado a la hora de llevarlo. Otro material sería la plata, aunque este material es menos longevo que el oro de cualquier tipo.


La elección de la piedra es una decisión de máxima importancia. Es el elemento predilecto a la hora de los anillos de pedida. Existen diferentes tipos de piedras.

El diamante, la joya predilecta para este tipo de anillos, la piedra más buscada y la más. Otorga lujo, clase y estilo al anillo.

La moissanita, un elemento muy parecido al diamante a la vista. 

El zafiro, la piedra que simboliza la pureza es una opción que también triunfaría entre los anillos de pedida. 

El rubí, que simboliza la pasión, es una perfecta elección para transmitir ese sentimiento a tu futura esposa. 

Y por último, la esmeralda, que transmite el sentimiento de amor verdadero.


El día que alguien pide matrimonio a su pareja es un día para recordar eternamente. Es un antes y un después en una relación. Es por eso que el anillo debe estar a la altura de la situación.

Descubro mucho más de nuestros anillos en nuestra web.

Geneve company



Verano, la estación del año que esperamos con ansía y que llegue y que a la vez deseamos que sea eterna a pesar del calor. También es la mejor época para disfrutar de las salidas a comer fuera, ¿A quién no le gusta una gran comida en primera linea de playa? Es por esto que los mejores complementos para estas fechas son nuestras joyas. Este año, ¿Qué ofrecemos? joyas llenas de color, despampanantes tonos dorados acompañados de piedras de colores que harán que tu look reluzca con brillo propio. 


Para esta ocasión hemos hecho una pequeña selección de marcas y de sus colecciones respectivas para poder facilitar el trabajo a nuestros clientes. Las marcas que hemos seleccionado son: Marco Bicego Paradise collection, Pomellato Mama Non Mama collection y Roberto Coin Palazzo Ducale collection. 



Un elegante collar de oro con un quilataje de 9,75 el cúal viene además con una selección de piedras de colores que  aportan vida a los looks veraniegos.

Pendientes de oro, con un quilataje de 5,2 y un peso de 3.3 gramos. El único peso que sentirás con estos pendientes es el de llevar el mejor look.

Y que mejor manera de rematar tu look que con esta pulsera a juego con el collar. Una pulsera de oro, de 3.9 quilates y un peso de 3,35 gramos. 



Un anillo sencillo pero a su vez elegante, un color oro rosado con un quilataje de 1,65 además que viene  en una talla 12, para esos dedos más finos. Este anillo es una opción segura como complemento. 

La mejor pulsera para combinar con el anterior anillo, oro rosa de 1,65 quilates. Esta pulsera viene además con una piedra de color amarillo perfecta para combinar que el anillo que tiene una piedra del mismo color.

Unos pendientes más formales, para que te acompañen en tus noches más elegantes pero que te ayuden a mantener ese look veraniego y desenfadado. Oro rosa de 2.5 quilates y un peso de 3,4 gramos.  



No todo iban a ser colores este verano, ahora viene la elegancia en estado puro. 18k de oro rosa combinados con un quilataje de 7.08 y un peso de 13,69 gramos. 

Largos y finos pendientes, elegancia y estilo para complementar tus mejores outfits. 18k de oro rosa con un quilataje de 0,44 y 7,62 gramos.

El summum de los complementos, la pulsera a juego. 18k de oro rosa, con un quilataje de 1,05 y un peso de 17,95 gramos. 

Esperamos que nuestra pequeña selección de joyas os pueda ayudar a elegir los mejores complementos para vuestros looks. Elegancia, color y estilo estarán siempre con vosotros con esta selección. 

Para más información no duden en entrar en nuestra página web

Genève company

Joyas para una boda de ensueño

Por fin ha llegado el día más bonito de tu vida. Vas a unirte, en matrimonio, al hombre que ocupa tu corazón. Organiza este día hasta el más mínimo detalle. Entre el lugar de la celebración, la tarta, los invitados y el vestido de princesa, hay mucho que hacer y pensar. Hoy, Geneve Company te ofrece una guía para elegir tus joyas y accesorizar su hermoso vestido.

Realza tu rostro con pendientes

El primer paso es elegir unos pendientes que realcen tu rostro. No siempre nos damos cuenta, pero este accesorio suele realzar el peinado y el maquillaje. Los pendientes suelen ser los preferidos porque aportan un toque clásico y elegante a tu conjunto. Sin embargo, si quieres ser más original, puedes optar por unos pendientes colgantes. Sin embargo, si tienes una cara pequeña, te recomendamos que elijas pendientes pequeños y finos. Con este consejo, las fotos de tu boda serán resplandecientes.

Descubra nuestros pendientes: https://www.genevecompany.com/en/116-earrings

Atrae la mirada hacia tu vestido con un collar

Si el vestido de tus sueños tiene cuello o no te permite llevar collar, debes saber que este accesorio no es imprescindible. Por el contrario, si tu vestido tiene un bonito escote, la elección del collar es ideal y te permitirá llamar la atención sobre la pieza estrella: ¡el vestido! Una cadena de diamantes o perlas es una opción de muy buen gusto. Sin embargo, si prefieres algo menos clásico, puedes optar por piezas de joyería más originales. Dependiendo de tu vestido, puedes divertirte con las joyas. Es posible añadir un toque de color con bonitas piedras o tener un collar que caiga sensualmente sobre la espalda.

Descubra nuestros collares: https://www.genevecompany.com/en/114-necklace

Vista su muñeca con una o varias pulseras

Es muy interesante añadir accesorios a la muñeca cuando el vestido tiene mangas cortas o no tiene mangas. En caso de que tu muñeca sea gruesa, puedes seleccionar piezas imponentes o hacer una acumulación de pulseras. Si tienes una muñeca delgada, te aconsejamos que elijas pulseras discretas, y lo suficientemente finas como para no lastrar tu figura. En su lugar, elige pulseras o brazaletes discretos.

Descubra nuestras pulseras: https://www.genevecompany.com/en/117-bracelet

Si necesitas ayuda para elegir tus joyas de boda, estaremos encantados de ayudarte. Visita nuestra boutique para convertirte en la novia más bella.

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