Trendy pieces to adopt this fall

Fall is slowly taking over our daily lives. For most people, it means going back to work and starting a new year. But above all, it is the ideal time to take stock of your wardrobe and wear ultra-trendy looks. To make your outfits even more stylish and complete, it is important to add accessories. Discover Geneve’s favorite pieces for fall 2022.

Our pens

Ballpoint Heritage Rouge et Noir “Baby”

Ballpoint Starwalker Black Cosmos Resin

Fineliner Starwalker Blackcosmos Precious

Our watches for men

You have the perfect suit, but something is missing? In Geneve, we have some very nice new watches.

Breitling Professional Endurance Pro

Longines Hydroconquest

Jaeger-Lecoultre Master Control Date

Our watches for women

And because watches are not only for men, discover our selection for you, the women of today.

Longines Master Collection

Jaeger-Lecoultre Reverso Classique Monoface

Chanel J12 Black Calibre 12.2

Our jewellery

The year 2022 is marked by a real return to the fundamentals of style. That’s why we’ve come up with three timeless pieces of jewellery that can be worn in all circumstances!

Earrings Pomellato Iconica

Bracelet Marco Bicego Jaipur

Geneve chain and pendant necklace

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Marco Bicego, before creating his own brand, trained under his father’s wings in the brand. It was in 2000 that he launched his own brand, the well known Marco Bicego’s brand. As he kept growing the talent did not go unnoticed in the jewelry world and the brand, Marco Bicego, started to be famous all around the world, particularly in Europe, Middle East, Asia and the US. 

With the headquarters placed in Trissino, where his know-how is expressed every day, Marco Bicego showed proudness of the heritage recived and the Italian tradition.


Like every great mind, Marco Bicego focused his creations in inspirations, in his case the inspiration comes from nature and all the organic forms in order to create his jewelry. 

All the forms created by Marco Bicego are made with noble materials. 

Indeed, The use of 18.carat yellow gold and coloured precious stones is the signature of this amazing jewel maker. Also, each piece is made with great care and handcrafted.


A technique glimpsed and subsequently improved, which was reinvented in order to adapt to the times, has been a key element in the development and creation of original and revolutionary collections such as Goa, Cairo, Masai and Marrakech. All this, 20 years after the fateful moment. 

Marrakech collection: Masterpieces of goldsmith craftsmanship, with modern and refined design.

Goa collection: Timeless design and maximum attention to detail.

Masai collection: Rigorous, clean and elegant style that never ceases to amaze.



18k yellow and white gold, 5.52 gr of weight and 0.15 carats.

18k yellow gold and 4.18 gr of weight.

18k yellow gold, 12,47 gr of weight, 0.03 carats and a size of 17 cm.

Marco Bicego is one of the big jewelry brands in our society and time, fine pieces inspired in nature and perfectly matchable with everything you could wear, could be for casual meetings or the most elegant events to assist. 

Marco Bicego is never going to let you down.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso: the tale of an icon !

Tribute Reverso JLC Lecoultre

It all began in India in 1931 after a polo match.British officers challenged their friend, alias Jaeger LeCoultre, to create a watch able to withstand the shocks of their favourite sport, polo.The Reverso was born, having since become timeless.

The legend of the Reverso continues to captivate its enthusiasts, who were rewarded with an anniversary model to commemorate the 90th anniversary of this iconic watch by Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre. The basic principle was simple: a reversible case designed to prevent the glass on wristwatches worn by British polo players in India from breaking during polo matches. The Reverso, a timepiece created in the mid-19th century, reflected the Art Deco values prevailing at the time, i.e., elegance, universalism, understated aesthetics, a combining of simple geometric shapes, an affinity for handcraftsmanship, and an enthusiasm for playing and partying. Over time, the timepiece has become increasingly more customisable, thus attracting many male and female enthusiasts.

The Timeless Stories Exhibit in Paris

Affiche expo Paris

From 21 October to 24 December, JaegerLeCoultre is presenting the Reverso Timeless Stories exhibit in Paris on 15 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in the 8th arrondissement. This comprehensive exhibit focusing exclusively on the Reverso watch for its 90th anniversary explores the creative and cultural universe of this modern yet timeless watch through four themes.

Did you know ?

The brand name is pronounced differently depending on the country. For example, in France they say “Jeh-jair” for Jaeger; however, Jaeger is a German word and in Germany they would say “Yeh-ger”, a pronunciation that is in fact favoured by some employees and watchmakers at the company. But in the end, it is the French pronunciation that is most widely used in public speeches. So, long live “Jeh-jair LeCoultre !”

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