What if diamonds really were your best friend?


Who doesn’t dream about wearing one or more beautiful diamonds? This beloved gemstone has become a jewellery must. In addition to having a pure, unique beauty, diamonds also offer (often unsuspected) benefits. Here is a closer look at this stone whose popularity is well founded!

The benefits of diamonds 

Diamonds are known for detoxifying the body. They can be considered cleansers, purifiers. According to Indian beliefs, diamonds are an excellent remedy for exhaustion. They lead to a long life and, above all, good health.

Diamonds are said to boost the wearer’s confidence and creativity. The stone is able to purify the soul and expand energy. Diamonds also protect against harmful thoughts and negative energy. 

Hence, it goes without saying, diamonds are good for the body and for the soul.

The diamond selection at GENEVE

At GENEVE, we carry a wide array of diamond jewellery. Here is our selection of sparkling pieces.

Annamaria Cammilli Dune Ring

C&C Gioielli Necklace

Chopard Happy Diamonds Earrings

Messika Move Uno Bracelet

GENEVE Earrings Large

Nothing beats the sparkle and elegance of diamonds. We offer a wide range of jewellery creations. Please come visit our shops if you would like any advice. 

A diamond for everyone

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend…

To have a diamond is to treasure a moment and make it an everlasting magical memory. Its strength and its regard throughout the world make it the most highly sought after mineral when in search of the perfect piece of jewellery. It represents wealth, clarity and abundance.

At Geneve Company, we love this stone and have an array of pieces with diamonds in different shapes. Each stone has very specific features that we should all know, and that is where the 4Cs of diamonds come into play.

Bangle bracelet in 18-carat white gold and 1.87 ct. in diamonds
  • Carat

Carat weight, abbreviated as ct., measures a diamond’s size. The more it weighs, the larger it will be and the more valuable it will be.

  • Clarity

Because diamonds are of natural origin, they have small imperfections called inclusions. The fewer the number of inclusions in the stone, the higher its quality.

  • Cut

This characteristic reflects a diamond’s sparkle. It will depend on a jeweller’s expertise, since the cut will determine how well a diamond’s facets interact with light.

  • Colour

Most diamonds come in shades ranging from white to yellow. A diamond with the least amount of colour is in fact the most valuable.

When these shades are more intense, the stone is referred to as a fancy diamond.

Earrings in 18-carat white gold and 1.43 ct. in diamonds

Types of diamond cuts


Traditionally square, but sometimes rectangular, princess-cut diamonds always have four corners.


This romantic shape is perfect for expressing love.


Oval diamonds are longer than they are wide.


Triangular diamonds with three equal sides, which can be curved or straight.


These diamonds have a pointed end and a rounded end.

Some of our pieces where diamonds take centre stage are these beautiful necklaces:

Necklace with pendant by Geneve featuring 0.12 ct. in diamonds and a 2.32 ct. pear-cut aquamarine diamond.

Necklace with pendant by Geneve featuring 0.05 ct. in diamonds and a 0.92 ct. oval-cut diamond

Visit our website to view our pieces of fine jewellery with diamonds. You can purchase them on the website or visit our shops to learn more about the diamonds in our pieces.

Recarlo, eternally beautiful jewellery

Women and diamonds are what inspire Recarlo, expressing a love of women and of couples in each of its pieces

Diamonds and women have always gone together, with the latter being the best inspiration we can have. As a jeweller, we love creating pieces for women, feeling that our items will be a special part of your life and that of your family, because a diamond is forever.

One of the brands you will find at Geneve is Recarlo. They share with us a powerful vision, that of the purposeful creation of fine jewellery that at the same time makes women shine with elegance.

The relationship between romanticism and eternal love represented by a diamond is one of the Italian brand’s hallmarks. Recarlo works harmoniously and meticulously to create unique and distinctive jewellery, enhancing light through a diamond’s sparkle, and alongside expert gemmologists to obtain stones from Russian mines according to the highest quality standards.

Heart-shaped cuts have become one of the brand’s icons through its beautiful pieces devoted to couples

Recarlo was founded by an Italian family in 1967. The brand redesigned its image in 2015, staying true to its history, highlighting Italian craftsmanship and developing ambitious goals with values and images to inspire a new creative process.

Recarlo’s white gold and diamond jewellery collections are designed to celebrate all of life’s emotions

In 2020, it reached an important milestone when it obtained the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certificate, thus advancing significantly on its path to sustainable growth. This consolidates both its own reputation and that of its suppliers and customers, strengthening its vision from an ethical, social and environmental standpoint and reiterating its respect for human rights, from extraction of the raw material to sale of the final product.

As a jeweller, we are pleased to work with a highly renowned brand that upholds admirable unique values. We therefore offer the best of this jewellery brand at our shops and invite you to see the latest collection called Anniversary Love, which speaks to the heart through the heart.