The Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph: the pilot’s watch for all generations

Breitling has been making us dream with the Breitling pilot’s watch for 70 years now. To celebrate this anniversary, Breitling is unveiling a more modern, younger, more colorful reinterpretation of the collection. Let’s take a look at the Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph, a true watchmaking icon that has always been on everyone’s lips.

An in-house movement for stellar performance

In addition to the perfect combination of Breitling’s heritage and new on-trend design codes, the latest Navitimers are also very precise tool watches. Indeed, all the timepieces contain a self-winding mechanical movement, the COSC-certified Manufacture Breitling 01 calibre. The movement builds up a power reserve of approximately 70 hours, making it ideal for changing watches over the weekend. It is also extremely precise, oscillating at 28,800 vibrations per hour.

A modern and retro style for the Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph

The Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph retains its look and feel by keeping the elements that have always been there: a circular slide rule, baton indexes, a trio of chronograph counters and a notched bezel. Nevertheless, it has an updated profile thanks to the flattened slide rule and domed glass. The watch has a slimmer silhouette, which enhances the view of the COSC-certified Breitling Manufacture Caliber 01 through the transparent case back. It is available in three different sizes –41, 43 and 46 mm–, ensuring that there will be a model that is perfect for you! The case comes in a first version in stainless steel and a second version in 18-carat red gold. As for the bracelet, you can choose between a metal bracelet and an alligator strap. Meanwhile, the dial sports a palette of colours between blue, green, copper or even black and white. And the detail that makes this watch even more wonderful is the return of the winged logo of AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) at 12 o’clock. In short, the Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph features a more up-to-date look that is sure to delight all generations.

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Breitling is one of the big powerhouses of the watch industry. Breitling is a private company founded in 1884 in Grenchen, Canton de Soleure, Switzerland specialized in the design, manufacturing and distribution of watches. It’s well known for the highly precise pilot’s chronometer.


They developed a “Fight computer”, this revolutionary system combines a chronograph with a circular slide rule. allowing pilots to calculate average speed, distance and fuel consumption. The name Navitimer is the combination of “navigation” and “timer”.


It became the watch of principal choice among most of the commercial airlines pilots. Not only commercial airlines but also astronauts, Scott Carpenter wears a special one and brings it into space in 1962. Thanks to all this events it reaches an iconic status, gaining fans among celebrities like Miles Davis and Formula 1 champion Jim Clark and Graham Hill.


In this decade Breitling decided to release the Navitimer with an automatic caliber, converting this into one of the first self-winding chronographs in the world. It doesn’t come alone, it comes with new design befitting the bell-bottom era, including also Day-Glo hands on XXL 48 mm-case version.


In 1979, Schneider family acquired Breitling, at the height of the quartz period. They decided to launch a mechanical tribute to the original navitimer. It becomes a symbol of luxury and craftsmanship. It gained a loyal following that included singer Serge Gainsbourg.


Breitling gets “complicated”, enhancing the Navitimer models with most of the traditional complications; perpetual calendar and rattrapante. They also introduced new models, such as the Navitimer Spatiographe, Twenty Sixty and Airborne with new and advanced complications.


2009; Breitling company introduces the first manufactured movement in their chronometrie unit in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. In 2010, they fit it into the Navitimer with this debut of the movement- The Breitling Manufacture Caliber 01.


It is the start of a new era, which began in 2017, when CVC capital partners acquired a large part of the brand, resulting in Georges Kern becoming the new CEO. They unveiled an Airline Capsule Collection, with a tribute to Swiss Air, Pan Am and TWA. Creating a link to the glory days of aviation.


It’s time to fly, the Navitimer resurfaces in style and color. The slimmer lines and new dial shades give the watch a more refined look, although it is still a Navitimer and that is undeniable. This renewal comes with a major signing, Giannis Antetokounmpo is the new face of Navitimer.

Now, we’ll present to you some of the models of Navitimer we have.

Nowadays the Navitimer is an icon in the world of watches. 

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En 2020, un año que cambió y marcó la historia de nuestra sociedad, llegó una pandemia que asoló el mundo entero y lo paralizó. Tuvimos que recomponer  y volver a poner el mundo en marcha.

Iniciados en 2020, cambiando el concepto de evento y viéndose reforzados en 2021, los Geneva Watch Days se han arraigado por completo en el mundo de la relojería.


Un salón global, descentralizado, autogestionado y abierto al público. Es un evento en el cual descubrirás marcas de relojería que a lo mejor no conocías. Descubrirás también las novedades más punteras en cuanto a tecnología, diseño, estilo, materiales en lo que a relojes se refiere. 

Este evento reúne a unas 40 marcas, las cuales expondrán su arte relojero ante el mundo, en diferentes hoteles, manufacturas y boutiques para ofrecerles al público y a los invitados de la exposición. Se ofrecerá además, paneles, cócteles, cenas, conferencias de prensa. Todo esto en la capital de la relojería.


Este evento junta a muchas marcas conocidas en este mundo. Esta vez nos vamos a centrar en dos de ellas: Breitling y Oris.


Una de las marcas fundadoras y que impulsó este evento, formó parte de las cuales decidieron crear esta iniciativa. 

La compañía fundada en 1884 y conocida por la creación de cronómetros precisos para aviadores debía estar presente en este evento y como no, ser una de las que formó la iniciativa.


Oris es una de las benefactoras del evento, es decir que contribuye a la aportación de material, ya sea con relojes u otro tipo de artículos para dicho evento.

En resumen, los Geneva Watch Days son la evolución de los congresos de relojería en la capital de este sector. 

Estos días transcurren entre el 29 de Agosto y el 1 de Septiembre. 

Descubre más sobre los modelos de muchas de las marcas que participan en este gran evento en nuestra página web.

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What does Longines mean?

The term Longines comes from the term the longines, meaning long meadow, elongated fields. When it comes to the origins of the brand, we could think from 1880, when the brand was registered in the Federal Office of Intellectual Property or even in 1889, when the logo was registered, the classic sandwatch with wings with equestrian inspiration. 1893? Registered in the international office, being the oldest brand with registered activity.

If we want to be precise, it starts in 1832. 

3 partners, August Agassiz and two others founded their watchmaking agency in Saint-Imier, pocket watches being their speciality. Later, it was Ernest Francillon who was the driving force behind the company.


In this pre-World War I year, Longines developed its first monopusher wrist chronograph caliber, the 13.33Z. An excellent movement of high quality, 29.00 mm in diameter, it is equipped with a 30-minute counter and measures the time with great precision.


Elegance is an attitude is the brand’s slogan and one of its core values. This was the inspiration for the Elegant collection, which perfectly represents the classicism and sobriety inherent to the watch brand itself. Each model in this collection represents its own definition of elegance.


A few years ago they unveiled a revolutionary development in timing. The Longines Positioning System, which provides instant data on the exact position of the horses during the races as well as their ranking.


Here at geneve company we always strive to have the best possible quality watches. We always have the best new products in this highly cultivated world. With Longines more of the same, here we bring the most remarkable novelties of the brand on our website. 

Next, these novelties are: Master collection, Hydroconquest, Dolcevita and Hydroconquest XXII Commonwealth Games.





These watches from Longines are the ones representing the icons from the brand, so here at geneve company we wanted to present them to you. Being able to see that we offer you the best possible watches. 

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Wearing a watch is something that goes beyond a simple gesture. It could be considered a kind of art. To make it easier we are going to show you 10 tips that should not be done when we want to wear a watch. In order to show elegance and style. 


Discussions aside, this is unanimous and not open for discussion. The watch is designed to be worn under the sleeves, it will only be displayed when arm movements are made. 


The time is always looked at discratically. At no time do we want to show our companion that we are in a hurry or need to leave. This can lead to misunderstandings or discomfort. 


Talking about watches is something very specific, unless you are both watch lovers and this world is a topic to avoid. 


Tell me what you brag about and I’ll tell you what you lack. A watch of disproportionate dimensions is synonymous with lack of confidence or a desire to hide insecurities. 


The leather bracelet is an elegant option, but in extreme heat the sweat deteriorates the material. You should always know which bracelet to wear in more extreme conditions. Opt for a steel bracelet. 


You must wear the watch just before the protruding ulna bone on the outside of the wrist. In order to obtain comfort and elegance, it is adjusted so that it is neither droppind nor too tight. 


Arriving late? Never, lack of respect and bad manners. Let’s not forget that the watch is there to tell the time, it is not a simple accessory. 


Nowadays it doesn’t matter the fact you wear it on the right or the left. No more rules! But be careful not to choose your dominant hand, for optimum comfort and reading. 


Wearers of mechanical watches with manual winding know that a watch is always wound after it has been removed from the wrist. A simple gesture that avoids exerting unnecessary pressure on the stem and crown.

10.- Wear your watch with an evening dress

-Baroness Rothschild-

“when you  celebrate, time stands still”

This is something that does not apply to men. But never forget, in the case of a lady, she should always do as she pleases. 

These small tips are tips for the correct use of wristwatches. We hope they can help you and above all make you enjoy your favorite timepieces more. 

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The primary use of dive watches is far less important to their owners today than it was in the past. This does not make dive watches and their brands any less interesting. 

In this article we are going to expose which ones are these brands:






For the following we are going to focus on the brands OMEGA and Panerai.


One of the leading brands of diving watches is, and always has been, Omega, which launched the Omega Marine in 1932. At the time, the water resistance of the watches was at most splash proof, it was the first watch that could be worn underwater. The Omega Marine was immersed in Lake Geneva to a depth of 73 meters (240 feet) and then tested in a pressure chamber where it withstood a depth of 135 meters (443 feet). This experience gave the brand the impetus to develop water-resistant watches, making Omega one of the leading brands of diving watches. The popularity of scuba diving in the years following the Second World War made this period the first era of modern diving watches. Omega launched its famous Seamaster 300 in 1957 as part of its Speedmaster, Railmaster and Seamaster trilogy. This timepiece became a cult watch and is still the inspiration for the current Seamaster 300 collection. Today, Omega continues to develop advanced diving tools for professional divers.


Panerai is also a famous name in the world of diving watches. In the first half of the 20th century, Panerai earned a reputation as the official supplier of marine instruments to the Italian Royal Navy, as well as watches for the army’s combat divers. The timepieces manufactured by Panerai in the 1930s for the Italian Navy are still very popular among diving watch enthusiasts today. For the record, all of these dive watches were designed and manufactured by Rolex. With their oversized cushion-shaped cases and minimalist dials with large numerals, these watches we know today as Radiomir still stand out today.

Diving watches are classics among watchmaking history, they’re still trendy nowadays. 

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What are complications?

The word complication indicates something that is considered complex or difficult. As
regards watchmaking, a complication consists of additional functions that complement a watch.

What difference does a complication make?

These features added to a watch represent a serious challenge to skilled watchmakers who have to incorporate them in spaces as small as a wristwatch case.
The more functions a watch has, the more complicated it will be to manufacture.
Today, complications add value to watches and directly affect their price. There are many different types of complications, including chronograph, power reserve, tourbillon, etc.
Here we are going to focus on the tourbillon, the GMT and the chronograph.


What is a tourbillon? In basic terms, it is a feature that improves the accuracy of mechanical watches by offsetting the effects that gravity can have on certain parts of the movement when the watch changes position.

Tourbillon watches feature a tourbillon carriage that is often visible on the watch’s face.

One example is this Jaeger-LeCoultre…


This is a very useful complication, especially for frequent travellers, as it makes it possible to quickly see the time in the place you are visiting and at home. GMT stands for “Greenwich Mean Time”, thus giving meaning to the world time function. 

GMT is the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, which marks the Prime Meridian that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole.

This Panerai features a tourbillon as well as a GMT function…


It is used to measure short time intervals. To do so, a watch with a simple chronograph has two push-buttons, one on each side of the crown, that are used to start, stop and reset the measurement. 

There are other kinds of chronographs: 

  • Mono-pusher: three actions are performed with a single push-button
  • Rattrapante: allows you to time different events that start but do not stop at the same time.
  • Flyback: allows the chronograph hand to return to zero and restart immediately by pressing the push-button once. 

The SEAMASTER below has a chronograph…

The world of watches is extensive and complex, which is why timepieces are considered highly complex works of art. 

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This year marks the 70th anniversary of Breitling’s legendary watch, and the occasion sees a completely revamped collection featuring a striking color palette, modernized styling and unforgettable journeys.

Throughout Breitling’s 70-year history, its first aviator watch has been loved by aviators and trendsetters alike. From major celebrities to an astronaut have worn this legendary timepiece.

On this occasion, tribute is paid to this legend in the world of watchmaking.


In creating this Navitimer, its DNA has been retained with original and recognisable aspects of the icon. With its circular slide rule, baton indexes, trio of chronograph counters and notched bezel for easy handling.

This time, the watch is available in several sizes: 46, 43 and 41 mm. Two case materials: stainless steel or 18-carat red gold. Different straps: semi-gloss alligator leather or seven-row metal.

Emphasis should be placed on its colors; blue, green and copper. It is these new colors that define the new dial options. 

In addition to all these details that make you fall in love, there is a singularity that awakens nostalgia and that is the return of the AOPA wings to their initial position at 12 o’clock.



2022 is looking very good for the Breitling brand, especially after the return of the legendary Navitimer model, which has been completely revamped and modernized.

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Se acerca el verano, todos sabemos que significa eso: sol, playa, calor, arena, algún que otro mojito y sobre todo aventura y viajes. Es muy cierto que a la hora de hacer la maleta para estas fechas debemos seleccionar cuidadosamente qué nos vamos a llevar. ¡IMPORTANTE! ¿Qué no debe faltar? Pues como no, un reloj capaz de aguantar las aventuras, sobre todo las acuáticas. Existen cientos de modelos de relojes acuáticos… pero solo aquí te presentamos los mejores. 


En primer lugar, todas son de origen Suizo, como no. Como muchos sabréis, os vamos a presentar marcas que son de las más grandes. Las marcas son: OMEGA y TAG HEUER.


El seamaster de Omega, con una resistencia al agua de 30 bares es decir que puede llegar a una profundidad de 300 metros. 

Este modelo es diferente, es uno de los emblemáticos pero al contrario que el anterior cuenta con una resistencia de hasta 150 metros de profundidad. 

Uno de los buques insignia, el seamaster aqua terra, este reloj es como el anterior pero más refinado, aguanta una profundidad de 150 metros. 


Negro como las profundidades, elegante y listo para acompañarte en tus aventuras, aguanta hasta 300 metros de profundidad.

El aquaracer de 35 mm, una opción más que segura y acertada, listo para acompañarte hasta un profundidad de 100 metros. 

Ahora os presentamos una versión más refinada del aquaracer, cadena metálica mezclada con un negro elegante. Esta pieza va a acompañarte hasta los 100 metros de profundidad. 

Esta ha sido una pequeña selección de ciertos modelos que deberías plantear llevarte si te vas de vacaciones. Son relojes elegantes, finos y sobre todo resistentes, aguantan cualquier envite y profundidades que a lo mejor ni te planteas bajar, pero si lo haces aguantarán contigo. 

Para más información no dudéis en entrar en nuestra página web de