How to change a watch battery


Do you have some quartz watches somewhere within your great collection? As you know, quartz watches do not work the same way as your hand- or self-winding watches do. Indeed, quartz timepieces run on a battery. This battery will eventually die, at which time it will need to be replaced to make your watch work again and to prevent corrosion. Here are GENEVE’s tips for replacing a battery.

When to change a watch battery 

In general, a watch battery will need to be replaced about every two years. How long it lasts may vary depending on how the owner uses the watch. Before changing a watch battery, you will often have to wait for your watch to stop running. However, some watches have an end-of-life (EOL) function that will alert you that it will soon be time to replace the battery. The seconds hand will start making five-second jumps. 

Things to consider before replacing a battery

Before beginning, take time to choose a suitable space where you can safely change the battery. Choose a bright, quiet room and make yourself comfortable. It is especially important that you never put your fingers on the watch movement, as you risk damaging it permanently. Once you have changed the battery, make sure that the seal is in the right place and in good condition. Do not hesitate to visit us at the shop if you need help.

How to change a battery

Changing the battery is one thing, while opening and closing the case back is another. There are three different kinds of case backs: snap-in case backs, screw-down case backs, and case backs with individual screws. Here is a look at how to proceed in each case.

Opening and closing snap-in case backs

If you have a watch case knife, you can open a snap-in case back by inserting the tool into the slot and using leverage. Closing it is not always easy; if you cannot do it, visit your watchmaker.

Opening and closing screw-down case backs 

If you have a special tool for opening screw-down case backs, we advise you to position the tool in the notches on the case back and gently turn. 

Opening and closing case backs with individual screws 

For case backs with individual screws, use a screwdriver suited to the size of the screws in order to avoid damaging the case back. To close it, just screw the screws back on.

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Why should white gold be rhodium plated?

rhodium white gold

White gold is no doubt one of the most highly sought after metals. It is highly resistant and has a bright white colour that is easy to wear on a daily basis. However, no matter how well you care for them, white gold rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings acquire a patina over time. Yet, there is no need to worry; it is not irreversible! Indeed, there is a way for your jewellery to regain its colour and brilliance, as if it were the first day. This process is called rhodium plating. Following is an explanation of the features of white gold and this method.

All about white gold

White gold is an alloy. While yellow gold is usually a mix of 75% gold, 12.5% silver and 12.5% copper, white gold has less copper and more silver, which gives it its white colouring. Rhodium is then used to adjust the colour. Rhodium plating gives a piece of white gold jewellery a particularly dazzling white hue. White gold is highly regarded because of its resistance to shocks and corrosion, as well as for its beauty and timelessness. However, over time, shocks and friction will eventually wear down the rhodium layer to reveal an egg white colour that is not as shiny.

What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium plating is a technique used on white gold and silver jewellery. The main purpose is to give the piece a dazzling white hue. Before a piece of jewellery is rhodium plated, the jeweller thoroughly polishes it to ensure that it is completely smooth, which is a very important step for the quality of the plating. Once this is done, rhodium plating begins. Rhodium plating starts with ultrasonic cleaning, which will remove any residue that has accumulated over time. Once the piece of jewellery is clean, it will be soaked in four baths in a row. It will be degreased, rinsed several times, and then dipped in the rhodium plating solution. This last step will give your white gold jewellery a second life, making it appear as if it were new. To ensure that your jewellery never loses its shine, we strongly advise that you have it rhodium-plated by a professional every two years or so. And of course to take care of your jewellery on a daily basis.

If you have any white gold jewellery in need of a cleaning or rhodium plating, make an appointment at our GENEVE jewellery shop!

The perfect jewellery to make your wedding dress even more beautiful

wedding jewellery

The day of days is almost here, and you have everything organised. You have the husband, the venue, the cake, the guests and, above all, a stunning dress. But there is still something missing… The jewellery! Don’t panic; we are here to help ensure that this day is unforgettable and dazzling. Here is a closer look at the jewellery that will make you look your best.


You already have the ring. Now you have to find the perfect earrings, the ones that will enhance your face. This accessory is ideal for finishing off your hairstyle and highlighting your makeup. Your earrings will also add incomparable sparkle to your wedding pictures. But take note, if you choose large earrings, we suggest that you not wear a necklace. For a more classic touch, go with stud earrings.

GENEVE Stud earrings 

GENEVE Large earrings


Depending on your dress, you may not be able to wear a necklace. However, if you are able to and want to, a necklace will enhance your neckline. Why not choose a pretty chain with a set diamond or peal? Or why not go a different route and choose a more original option? For example, coloured stones or a long necklace that falls on your bare back.

GENEVE Chain & pendant necklace


If your dress is sleeveless or has short sleeves, you could wear a bracelet to dress up your wrist. For slender wrists, opt for discreet bracelets or bangles. For thicker wrists, you can allow yourself to play with larger bracelets.

GENEVE Tennis bracelet

GENEVE Yellow gold bracelet

GENEVE Pearl bracelet

Now that you have chosen all the accessories and jewellery you need for the ceremony, you are finally reading to say “I do” to your dearly beloved. Please come visit us at GENEVE, if you need help selecting your jewellery.

Start the new year on a colourful foot

colourful jewellery

The year 2023 is here, and it is time to make good on your resolutions. To make life more beautiful and add pep to your looks, nothing beats colours. GENEVE offers creations for all tastes, adorned with rare and precious stones. Discover our rainbow jewellery and fill up on joy!

Our colourful jewellery 

Coloured diamonds, sapphires, rubies… At GENEVE, we like to think outside the box and offer exceptional and original creations, because there is nothing better than seeing your eyes sparkle. Spruce up your winter outfits with our selection of ultra-colourful pieces.

GENEVE hoop earrings

GENEVE stone necklace

GENEVE bangle bracelet

GENEVE eternity ring

Discover our colourful jewellery on our website and at one of our GENEVE shops.

Jewellery to make you sparkle on New Year’s Eve!

new year's eve jewellery

New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to have fun and bring out your most glittery outfits! And we offer a selection of remarkable pieces to complete your festive looks. With the GENEVE jeweller, you will shine brightly as you end 2022 and begin 2023. Happy discovering. 

Our jewellery to light up your evening 

XXL earrings

Ready to dazzle everyone around you? Wear these XXL earrings for a stunning look, and highlight your New Year’s Eve hairstyle! 

GENEVE Earrings

GENEVE Long earrings 

GENEVE Large earrings 

Nonstop colour 

Do you want to play the colour card? Discover our selection of rainbow jewellery.

GENEVE Hoope earrings 

GENEVE Necklace stones

GENEVE Eternity ring 

Diamonds to capture the light

Nothing better than diamonds to shine at the party.

Messika Move Classic Necklace

Pomellato Sabbia Bracelet

Mirco Visconti Chain & Pendant

If you need help choosing the best jewellery for your New Year’s Eve outfit, feel free to visit us at our GENEVE shop.

The whole team wishes you a sparkling evening!

Keep your eyes on the stars with our moonphase watches

longines moonphase watch

Horology appeals to our dreams and emotions. While moonphase watches are somehow magical. And so today we are going to take the opportunity to explain what this complication is all about, and we also present some of the models available at our shop. A look at moonphase timepieces.

What is a moonphase watch?

To put it simply, this complication makes it possible to display on a watch dial all the cycles of the moon, from the first quarter to the new moon. Most of the time, this complication complements the perpetual calendar. The moon phases are displayed on the dial, either on a disc or in a window. 

Moonphase watches available at our shop

Here are some examples of moonphase watches that you will find at our shop.

Maurice Lacroix Eliros Moonphase

Montblanc Heritage Spirit Moonphase

IWC Schaffhausen Portofino Moonphase

Longines Master Collection Moonphase

OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch

If you would like more information on the moonphase complication or want to see these models with your own eyes, come visit us at our GENEVE shop.

An unforgettable Christmas gift, for him

christmas gift for him

Last week, we invited you to discover our selection of gifts for women. This week, we are focusing on him! Here is a list of gifts to please the men in your life. With an array of watches and accessories, you are bound to find that perfect thing for him. 

Watches for him

A watch is the ultimate accessory for a man. He will wear it every day and think about you every time he lays his eyes on it. At GENEVE, we love everything about watchmaking, and we carry exceptional timepieces. Discover our selection of watches to give him this holiday season.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

TAG Heuer Connected


Jaeger-Lecoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon


OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Moonphase Chrono


PANERAI Luminor Due 42


Accessories and jewellery for him

If you did not find what you were looking for in our selection of watches, we are sure that you will find that perfect gift in this section. Wallets, cufflinks, keyrings, pens or bracelets, he will love unwrapping your gift.

CHOPARD Wallet Classic Racing


GENEVE Cufflinks




MONTBLANC Meisterstuck Ballpoint


ZANCAN Bracelet


If you would like any advice, please feel free to come visit us at our GENEVE shop

An unforgettable Christmas gift, for her

christmas gift for her

Christmas celebrations revolve around love. The best way to express these feelings is through actions. Nevertheless, gifts remain a wonderful way to demonstrate your affection for your loved ones at this time of year. Looking for ideas about what to give that woman in your life for Christmas? GENEVE has prepared some gift ideas for you separated into categories. Discover the watches or jewellery that will fill her with joy.

Watches for her

A watch is an excellent gift to give a woman for Christmas. This object will always be with her, constantly serving as a reminder of your love for her. In addition to being practical, women’s watches are often akin to pieces of jewellery. Discover our selection for this holiday season.

OMEGA Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer

Chopard Happy Sport 36

TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300 M

Chanel Boyfriend

Breitling Chronomat Automatic 36

Jewellery for her

If she is not interested in watches, a traditional piece of jewellery is the perfect option to put under the tree. 

Marco Bicego Lunaria Earrings

Messika Move Classic Necklace

Pomellato Iconica Ring

GENEVE Earrings small

Roberto Coin Pois Moi Bracelet

If you would like some more specific advice, please don’t hesitate to visit us at one of our GENEVE shops.

How to wind your watch

wind watch

Do you have a hand- or self-winding watch? These types of watches need to be wound from time to time to ensure that they continue to work properly. If you are unsure how to proceed, GENEVE explains what you need to do!

Hand winding

As you know, unlike self-winding watches, hand-winding watches must be wound by the owner. Otherwise, the watch will stop working. Before doing so, find out the power reserve of your timepiece. Based on this power reserve, you will need to wind the timepiece more or less often, for example in the morning before putting your watch on. Some watches have a long power reserve (80 hours), which will allow you to wind it less often. To do so, all you have to do is turn the crown clockwise until you feel resistance. Do not force the crown. When you are finished, all you need to do is set the time.

Self winding

Self-winding watches are wound automatically through the movement of the wrist, which causes the oscillating weight to rotate back and forth. When a self-winding watch is worn daily, there is no need to wind it. However, if it is not worn for several days, the power reserve will run out and the watch will have to be wound by hand. Similar to a hand-winding watch, self-winding watches are wound by turning the crown clockwise until you feel resistance. Once you have finished this first step, all you have to do is set the time!

If you need any tips on this subject, feel free to come visit us at a GENEVE shop.

Novedades de Patek Philippe para noviembre, ¿relojes o joyas?

novedades patek philippe

Noviembre está marcado por las novedades de Patek Philippe. La casa relojera amplía su colección actual con cuatro nuevos relojes. Las Grandes Complicaciones y el arte de la joyería se unen con estos nuevos modelos de la manufactura Patek Philippe, y en los cuales nos centramos a continuación.

6300/400G – Grandes Complicaciones – Cuerda Manual

Con este reloj, Patek Philippe destaca la sofisticación mecánica en un modelo de Alta Joyería realizado en oro blanco y engastado con 409 diamantes baguette (31,35 ct). La caja reversible está equipada con un mecanismo de rotación patentado que permite al usuario elegir entre dos esferas. 

6300/401G – Grandes Complicaciones – Cuerda Manual

Este reloj-joya está hecho de oro blanco y 118 zafiros azules (11,9 ct) y 291 diamantes baguette (20,54 ct). Al igual que el reloj anterior, está equipado con veinte complicaciones, incluyendo la alarma y la fecha. También es posible elegir entre dos esferas gracias al mecanismo de rotación patentado.

5271/11P – Grandes Complicaciones – Cuerda Manual

Con este reloj, Patek Philippe presenta su cronógrafo con calendario perpetuo referencia 5271 en un modelo de joyería adornado con 80 zafiros baguette azules (5,16 ct). La belleza de este reloj también reside en la esfera lacada en azul degradado negro y en una brillante correa de aligátor negra con costuras azules. El calibre CH 29-535 PS Q combina seis innovaciones patentadas en materia de cronógrafos con un mecanismo de calendario visualmente delgado.

5271/12P – Grandes Complicaciones – Cuerda Manual

El reloj está iluminado por 80 rubíes baguette (5,25ct) colocados en el bisel. El color de las gemas se repite en la esfera lacada en rojo con degradado negro. El conjunto se completa con una correa de aligátor negro brillante con costuras rojas para contrastar. El reloj está equipado con el mismo calibre que el anterior: el calibre CH 29-535 PS Q que combina la innovación y el mecanismo de calendario.

Para obtener más información sobre estos nuevos productos, póngase en contacto con nosotros o visite una de nuestras tiendas GENEVE.

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