Jewellery for summer

Summer holidays are another opportunity to show off our best jewellery

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At Geneve, we have been working in the jewellery sector for 30 years, and from generation to generation, we have been passing on our fine jewellery expertise within the family. We are also fortunate to distribute and carry at our shops an array of jewellery makers that have our support.

Summer is no exception when it comes to wearing jewellery; rather, it is the perfect chance to fall under the spell of one of our pieces. The collections by Geneve include a wide range of bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces made from the finest materials such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and much more.

Here is a selection from the Geneve collection so that the sun is not the only thing shining this season:

Geneve bracelet in 22-carat rose gold with white diamonds, ideal for a rendezvous next to the sea

Elegant necklace featuring a 0.80-carat tanzanite stone and nine 0.11-carat white diamonds, to wear during a romantic dinner

Lightweight white gold bracelet with white diamonds, for any time of day

Even though our favourite pieces are the ones created by us, we cannot overlook other collections that are perfect for these months, like those created by Marco Bicego.

Bicego has developed a unique and unmistakable style, the elegance of a refined but unconventional form of luxury that accompanies women in their daily lives.

The Paradise collection, which is available at our shops, contains earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces that express joy. Full of bright colours to embellish women wherever they go.

This two-strand multi-coloured necklace features select natural gemstones and 18-carat yellow gold nuggets

Three-strand multi-coloured bracelet with a mix of natural gemstones with 18-carat yellow gold nuggets

Multi-colour earrings with topaz interspersed with lovely 18-carat yellow gold nuggets

Pomellato is another Italian jeweller that occupies a much loved space at our jewellery shop. It is the world’s leading Italian jeweller, making pieces that are colourful and unusual. The new definition of precious. Its Nudo collection is undoubtedly Pomellato’s most iconic jewellery with its dazzling variety of rainbow colours. Yet Iconica is another stunning collection by this Italian brand that is available at our shops.

Nudo ring in 18-carat rose and white gold with a London blue topaz, a 10-carat turquoise stone and 38 0.50-carat topaz stones

Lovely Nudo petit earrings in rose and white gold with blue topaz

Elegant Iconica pendant with chain in rose gold and diamonds

Other brands we carry are Messika, Gucci and Chopard, among many others, offering an array of collections on our website and at our shops. We invite you to visit any of our shops on Gran Canaria. You can make an appointment on our website in order to find the perfect jewellery for your holidays. We look forward to seeing you.

Marco Bicego celebrates the 20th anniversary of Marrakech

The jewellery designer is celebrating the anniversary with a new collection

The Italian master has devoted his life to creating finely crafted high-quality pieces, and now he is presenting his Marrakech Onde collection to mark the 20th anniversary of the brand’s launch.

The different collections of the Italian brand are available at Geneve, where we carry a wide variety of handcrafted pieces by this jewellery maker

All the jewellery is created at the headquarters in Trissino by master craftspeople who, with their manual dexterity, shape gold into unique and inimitable pieces of jewellery, like the women who wear them. The pieces express the refinement and elegance of a 100% Italian made product.

According to Marco Bicego himself, the pieces in the first Marrakech collection have made his brand recognisable, as have the other famous collections like Goa, El Cairo and Masai. The story of this series of pieces began when the Italian jewellery designer was still working at his father’s company and saw a chain discarded due to a defect. He then came up with an idea: the chain became a new concept of beauty –irregular, deliberately imperfect and unique– thus embracing this concept for what it was.

The creation of jewellery in an artisanal way is one of the hallmarks of the Italian brand

The new collection

Marrakech Onde was born from Marco Bicego’s knowhow full of craftsmanship and its own identity. It is a new, different, contemporary collection with a distinctive primary feature: lightweight and thin 18-carat yellow gold in the shape of a spiral and in deliberately irregular ovals adorned with pavé diamonds.

There are three different variations available:

1. More youthful and dynamic, with all the chain links in gold.

2. More classic, with interspersed diamond-studded ovals.

3. More romantic, with concentric ovals and small diamonds.

The bracelets

A semi-rigid mesh wraps around the wrist, creating an unexpected three-dimensional look.

The earrings

The concentric earrings are perfect for every occasion. They can be worn during the day for an elegant romantic look or paired with an evening gown, making them the focal point that enhances it.

The necklaces

It is a more lightweight version of a classic chain adorned with diamond-studded elements. It is perfect for any time of day.

If you like the pieces by this designer, come visit us and a fine jewellery expert advisor will help you find the perfect look with this Italian jewellery. You can book an appointment here. We look forward to seeing you.