Roberto Coin: eternal love for jewellery!

Fashion is changeable. It is whimsical. Style is not. Style is part of us, of our life, in every moment and every expression. This lovely sentence by Roberto Coin perfectly reflects the jeweller’s creations. The brand’s founder creates stunning pieces, each as wonderful as the next. Here is a look at the history of Roberto Coin and its legendary collection.

A passion becomes a true vocation

Roberto Coin launched his brand in 1996. He was driven by an innate love for the world of art and fashion and sought to make a living through this passion, i.e., by making jewellery. After working in the hotel industry, he gave in to his passion and started designing extraordinary pieces of jewellery. At the time, the jeweller was based in Vicenza, Italy, known as the «City of Gold». His talent quickly attracted attention, and the brand became one of the most famous in Italy. The creations today are the result of an exciting process and a journey through different cultures.

Did you know?

Each piece of jewellery contains a small set ruby that is in direct contact with the skin of the person wearing it. This is how Roberto Coin signs his creations, a signature that represents the message of good wishes that Roberto Coin dedicates to his passionate customers.

The brand’s iconic collections


Inspired by the floral decorations of Venetian palaces, this collection is an expression of the more romantic side of women’s imaginations. It is made of flowers born from the hands of craftspeople dedicated to the princess who lives inside every woman.


These pieces of jewellery are symbols of a romanticism that Roberto Coin revives from the past and reinterprets with an ultra-feminine and contemporary look. The flower motif conveys all the grace of sensuality, while the diamonds radiate the purity that belongs only to dreamers.


Pois Moi is one of the brand’s iconic ranges. It combines a vintage style and an undeniably modern look. The pieces are covered with diamonds and gold.


Inspired by the city of Verona, a symbol of love and the set of the love story between Romeo and Juliet. Love in Verona strengthens the bond between Roberto Coin and the Italian cities that inspire him. The pieces have a minimal and contemporary look yet hold a soul as ancient as eternal love.


The marble facade of Venice’s most famous palace, the Doge’s Palace, becomes a wearable decoration. The pieces reinterpret the designs of the Palace through gold and precious stones. A hymn to Venetian Gothic art and its unforgettable shapes.

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